The Story


How it all started

Thanks visiting my website! I’m Maria Smith a commercial food photographer and recipe developer based out of Lakeland, Florida.

I began my journey 20 years ago photographing portraits, weddings, events and small buisness brands. Food photography became my career when I realized that I have an obsession with hospitality and I’m fascinated with how people interact with food. Photographing that interaction and helping creative dreamers see their passions take a new detention is amazing.

The majority of my images are shot using artificial light. However, I do enjoy shooting in natural light. I have found that both artificial and natural light play two different roles and are essential to the success of the shoot when used correctly to create the right mood and environment influence.

When I’m not taking photos you can find me in three different places… in my garden, hanging out with my hubby, or visiting my girls and their families which brings plenty of inspiration.



A Recipe for Creative Living:

1.) Inspiration (just a dash)
2.) Materials (several pinches)
3.) Enthusiasm (one happy smidgen)
4.) Energy (1 heaping cup)
5.) Creativity (1 boatload)

Mix it all up and bake it for a lifetime. Makes one happy person
— perfect recipe